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    How do I create a join using multiple columns?

    Patricia B

      Hi everyone! I'm new to Tableau Prep and I would really appreciate any help please. I can't use my actual data as it's highly sensitive but here is mock context for my actual problem:


      I have data set A which contains book names and a lot of sale metrics (daily sale numbers) and I need to connect this to data set B which includes information of the book e.g.: book names, author, type of book, year of release, etc. I want to add these metrics from Data set B: author, type of book, year of release to data set A using the common field "book name". The issue is, is that there are 2 columns of book names. Book Name: English version and Book name 2: local version/abbreviated version in Data set A which either could relate to "book name" in Data Set B as this includes a variation of the English version and local version.


      I want to do a left join using these data sets:


      Data Set A:


      Book NameBook Name 2Sales ($)
      Sky BlueSky Bleu32432
      Featherfeathers at night3445
      Childhood stories



      cuentos infantiles

      war and lovewar and love4324
      the endthe endings3233
      love and live



      amar y vivir

      hello youhello! you!34534


      Data Set B:


      Book Name
      Sky BlueA.J. SmithThriller
      feathers at nightA.J. SmithRomance
      cuentos infantilesI.L TailorKids
      the endK. JenkinsMystery
      amar y vivirE. ViaRomance
      hello youE.L. TrailComedy
      war and loveFL. SabzakRomance


      As you can see both Book Name and Book Name 2  in data set A could be joined Book Name in data set B. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this so I can tie it all back to one?


      Data set A has approx 500,000 lines.


      Also, not all book names are in Data set B so I'll need to manually add this information in later.


      Someone suggested to give each book name in Data Set B a unique ID and then do 2 joins (one on book name and another on book name 2) and join it back together at the end but I'm not sure if that resolves this as I don't believe that would tie it back to Data Set A. Again, I'm fairly new to Tableau Prep so any help would be great.


      Thank you!