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    ESETFW disturbs start of Prep

    Shunsuke Koyama

      Prep cannot start when I do not turn off a fire wall of ESET Endpoint Security.

      There was not the change even if I added Tableau Prep Builder.2020.2.app and a repository by exception setting.

      Would you instruct a method to start Prep without turning off a fire wall of ESET?


      The error of the following URL is displayed. But the solution was not effective.



      After turning off FW, and starting Prep, and capturing communication, a great many packets flowed to loopback address (127:0:0:1).

      They were interrupted when I turned on FW and drifted to loopback address of the IPv6 this time(:: 1).

      But it was not settled in it, and the indication said that it was not able to start.

      It was all the communication from a dynamic port to a dynamic port.


      I would appreciate your giving an advice.


      About my mac

      OS : 10.15.4 Catalina

      ESET : 6.8.400.0

      Tableau Prep Builder : 2019.1.5, 2020.1.3, both 2020.2.0 are impossible of start