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    After upgrade to 2020.2.0: Extract Creation on Tableau Online fails because "CustomSQL_XX' already exists

    Lennart Elsen

      I've been using Tableau online for a while now and recently upgraded to Tableau Desktop 2020.2.0 on Mac to use the new Data Model.


      Creating a new data source and uploading it to Tableau Online works as expected. However, when I download the data source from Tableau Online, do some changes and re-upload again to overwrite, the extract creation job on tableau online fails with the Error Message: "com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.exceptions.DataSourceException: table 'CustomSQL_507078F7E7CC44FFB9A9C345B5602268' already exists".

      My Data Source consists of 3 Custom SQL Queries that I connected with a relationship, all accessing the same SQL Server DB. I've tried renaming the Custom SQL Queries which didn't help. When I run the extract locally or publish the same Data Source with a different name to Tableau Online, the extract creation job runs without any issues.


      What could the issue be here?