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    Tableau Prep: Use latest entry per identifier from Excel matrix

    Niklas Jaeschke

      Hi there!


      I'm using Tableau Prep to combine multiple data sources and am a little lost.

      The sources are World Bank and WEF data and come as Excel files, in this example it's the 'burden of customs procedure'. The table has the Countries in the first column, and scores for each country the following columns, with one column per year. The problem is that these indicators are not measured every year for every country. Therefore I want to tell Tableau Prep to go from the latest year backwards and keep only the latest data point available (as highlighted below). In addition, it should show me which year the selected value is from.




      Desired output should be 3 fields:

      1. Country

      2. Score

      3. Year in which the score was measured


      Any advice on how to do this is much appreciated!