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    Adding a load Balancer to Tableau server

    Praveen Naik



      I have added a load Balancer to my multinode deployment by following below steps but still I am unable to reach tableau server from specified URL


      1. gateway.public.host is the URL that will be used to reach Tableau Server through the load balancer.


      tsm configuration set -k gateway.public.host -v "tableau.example.com"


      2. gateway.public.port is the port that the load balancer is listening on


      tsm configuration set -k gateway.public.port -v "443"


      3. gateway.trusted is the load balancer's IPv4 address or computer name


      tsm configuration set -k gateway.trusted -v ",,"


      4. gateway.trusted.hosts is the load balancer's fully-qualified domain name, any non-fully-qualified domain names, and any aliases


      tsm configuration set -k gateway.trusted_hosts -v "name1, name2, name3"


      5. Apply changes


      tsm pending-changes apply



      By doing above am I able to access tableau server from any public machine?


      If you have any other document related to this which includes a practical scenario please share.



      Thank you in Advance