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    Cryptic "Internal Server Error - tableauexception" repeatedly on publishing to Tableau Online

    ST Market Insights and Research

      Hello there, For a particular workbook - and only that workbook - I repeatedly get the "Internal server error - tableauexception" error while publishing to Online. I've been struggling with this for a few weeks now.


      The workbook contains two data sources:

      1. A .hyper extract as the source - ie, a live connection to the extract file itself. This source is tiny: not even 1MB.
      2. The main data source, which comprises a simple, single-key cross-database join between a wildcard text file union and a Google Sheets worksheet. This data source is extracted the usual way. This source is the big one: the .hyper file is 750MB.


      The closest explanation I could find is this help article: https://kb.tableau.com/articles/Issue/Internal-Error-When-Publishing-Cross-Database-Join?_ga=2.234643870.1460891079.1588802819-473761255.1583522532 


      Steps so far:


      1. Have always been current - version 2020.1.3 now.
      2. Signed off and back on to Tableau Online many times, both on the web and in Desktop.
      3. Both data sources embedded.
      4. I do see "Include External Files" is a proposed solution *if* you are not on the current version. Regardless, along the way I had in fact tried that solution. Sometimes the upload worked, sometimes it did not - inconsistent. However, the primary reason this solution would not work long-term is that it grossly inflates the embedded workbook size: somehow the uploaded file in Online becomes two times the size of the combined data source files referenced above. That is, instead of around 750MB, the workbook file in Online is 1.5GB -- uploads are painfully slow.
      5. Since one of the connections is to a Google Sheet, I've played with the three authentication options. I don't actually need the data source to be refreshed online, which as far as I understand is the only reason I should need to enable authentication. This has not had a consistent effect either.
      6. In our Online site settings screen, I noticed the Google Drive and Google Sheets credentials. Have deleted and reinstated both of them several times. Our organization uses OAuth authentication.
      7. Am publishing only a subset of the worksheets - just the dashboards. However, each dashboard has several references to multiple worksheets.


      Besides the error message being unhelpful, the extra frustration with this problem is that, it occurs only at the very last moment of the entire upload/publish procedure. Since this is a large workbook, that often takes 10 to 20 minutes, depending on internet upload speed. With "include external files" checked, that went up to half an hour.


      This is a business information system which I am frequently updating for use by organization members.


      Thank you in advance for any similar experiences and help!


      Vikram D'Mello.


      PS: I am the Tableau Online site administrator.