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    Favorite Non-Traditional Viz

    Anna Murphy

      Hi Everyone!


      One of the things I'm interested in learning more about is creative dashboard design. I have a few favorite dashboards on the COVID-19 Data Hub that I've been following recently, and the more I explore on Tableau Public, the more I wonder about how these dashboards are created. It might be a bit too early to ask these questions (as it may be covered in the Advanced Dashboard Design session), but if anyone has answers or resources they would like to share, I'd love to take a look!


      1) What are your favorite non-traditional visualizations to use? (I'm wondering specifically about things that are not highlighted in "Show Me", like the planogram and floor layouts from the Introduction to Stockroom session.)


      2) Are there design tools available in Tableau Public that are not available in Tableau Desktop?


      3) What resources do you use as guidelines for best practices in terms of design/color schemes/types of visualizations?


      Sorry if any of these come across as a "let me Google that for you" type question!