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    Stockroom Resources

    Mitchell Grewer

      Hello everyone,


      During The Stockroom program, I will update this thread with all the resources you'll need for the program. Feel free to comment below if you notice any resources I missed.


      Resources used throughout the program:

      Stockroom Participation Guide - What should you be working on every week to maximize the experience

      Stockroom Splash Page - Coaching session registration & recordings

      Slides - One folder that we'll add the slides to each week


      Week 0: Kickoff

      Stockroom Exemplar #1 is available: "The Planogram" - Roman Usatin's demo from the kickoff


      Week 1: Prepping Data for Analysis

      Problem of Practice: Shipping Delays by Roman Usatin

      Building your Tableau Vocabulary by Mitchell Grewer

      Recommended reading:


      Week 2: Combining Data in Charts

      Learn how to learn:

      Problem of Practice: Understand sales and profits with heatmaps by Roman Usatin


      Week 3: Calculations, Dashboards and Sharing

      Problem of Practice: Click & Conversion Rates by Roman Usatin

      Tableau Visual Analysis Best Practices: A Guidebook mentioned by Naisan .

      Stockroom Mid-point Survey

      Learn how to learn: