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    Visualizations Disappear when Publishing to Server

    Ryan Venter

      Hi All,


      I've been encountering an issue recently when publishing workbooks to Tableau Server.


      A while back, I created some standardized dashboard "templates" to use when creating Tableau workbooks. Theses templates provide a series of pre-arranged containers to drag and drop visualizations into, thus eliminating the need to redesign dashboards each time you want to create one. When using these templates in Tableau Desktop, everything works fine and looks great. I've created a workbook using Superstore data to demonstrate:


      Original, empty template:

      Template with my visualizations dragged to containers:

      Template Issue 1.PNG


      I'm able to successfully upload  workbooks using the templates to Tableau Server, with the "preview" image even displaying the workbooks as they should look:


      InkedTemplate Issue 3_LI.jpg


      However, as soon as I open the workbook in Server, all of my visualizations disappear, and I am left with a blank template. Note: the blue template used in the previous pictures was derived from a gray-scale template, which is what I believe you see in the next picture. I simply duplicated the gray-scale templates and recolored them blue in a separate Tableau workbook to provide options for color-schemes.


      InkedTemplate Issue 4_LI.jpg


      Here are my questions:


      • Why are all of my visualizations disappearing when I upload the workbook to Tableau Server?


      • Why is it that regardless of the color of the template used in Tableau Desktop (in this case blue), the template in Tableau Server is gray? Why is Server reverting back to the original gray-scale template when I upload the workbook to server?


      Some ideas I had as to why this might be happening:


      • The workbook containing the templates was created with a different version of Tableau than I am using to create my visualizations
        • This doesn't appear to be the issue as I checked to make sure both workbooks were updated to the most recent version


      • Tableau Server is running an outdated version compared to the Tableau Desktop workbooks
        • I don't believe this is the issue either as I've encountered this problem in the past when both were on the same version


      • The process I am using to apply the templates is somehow messing things up. The process is as follows:
        • All templates are contained within a separate Tableau workbook, so I open that up.
        • I select the template I want to use and copy it by right-clicking the tab for that dashboard at the bottom of the Tableau interface.
        • I paste the copied template to the Tableau workbook containing all my visualizations.
        • I drag my visualizations into the pre-built containers within the newly-pasted template.
          • Within Tableau desktop, all visualizations appear and work fine. As soon as they are uploaded to server, they disappear and only the template remains.


      Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. This issue has been plaguing my thoughts for a while and I'm not sure what to do! I think the worst case would be to rebuild the templates themselves - this would be a time-consuming process that I would prefer to avoid.


      Thank you!