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    Stockroom: Introduce yourself!

    Mitchell Grewer

      Hi everyone!


      I will be one of your coaches for The Stockroom, a one-time, industry specific, expert-guided experience to go along with Tableau's 90 days of free eLearning. The Stockroom program goes from 4/24/20 - 6/26/20, but feel to join anytime!


      Before joining Tableau, I was an award-winning analytics coach the Self-Service Analytics Lead (SSA) for a large private agriculture company with 165,000 employees. As the founder the self-service analytics movement there, I grew their community from 1,000 to 25,000 people by assembling a global coaching practice, and making data fun and competitive. As the SSA Lead I was responsible for strategy, technology roadmaps, budget & people management, coaching, community, and the full-stack analytics platforms.


      In my personal life, I have a 1.5 year old son, and I just bought a Burley trailer so I can tow the kid around the neighborhood on my bike. I also love video games!


      Looking forward to being your coach during this Stockroom experience. Please reply to this thread introducing yourself.


      Stay healthy, see you out there!

      - Mitchell


      Mitchell Grewer (@MGrewer) | Twitter

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          Sean Jeffery

          Hi Mitchell. I'm fairly new to Tableau, but have managed to build a few dashboards and have some SQL and coding experience.  Looking forward to learning more about Tableau.

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            jenny andry

            Hi there! I am currently leading the charge at Barry's HQ to overhaul our data infrastructure and reporting in order to provide visibility into our rapidly growing business! Prior to moving to Los Angeles (with my sister!!), I lived in Atlanta working for a data firm as an advertiser analyst! Looking forward to enhancing my Tableau skills in the upcoming weeks.

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              Maria Jeannet

              Hi Everyone!


              My name is Maria Jeannet, I recently started a position in the sales industry so I have had a lot to learn!! I'm new to looking closely at data and making it useful, but so far I am loving it! I am very new to tableau so looking forward to improve my skills and learn some cool ticks. My mind was blown by seeing the map and the walking paths of customers!


              On the personal side I have 2 children ages two and one (Mitchell you will be having some fun when the second one comes along!! ) I enjoy crafting and DIY's and have recently been trying to enjoy more things outside.


              Can't wait for the next weeks!!

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