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    Join the Tableau Retail & Consumer Goods Community for Free, Guided & Customized RCG eLearning

    Erin Edmonds

      To our Retail & Consumer Goods Community:


      We understand these are difficult times. Many of our customers are being asked to work from home; some are not able to work as their businesses pause operations. We want to help. In addition to the Tableau’s offer of free eLearning for 90 days, as one of our Retail & Consumer Goods (RCG) customers, we also want to offer a one-time, industry specific, expert guided experience, called “The Stockroom”.


      Kicking off on April 24th, we're looking forward to hosting a guided, RCG customized, engaging weekly webinar series that will allow you to get the most out of free eLearning. It'll also be an opportunity to network with industry peers and win some Tableau swag!


      We hope you'll join us! Register here: The Stockroom | Tableau Software