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    Mapping your locations to COVID-19 Cases

    William Watkins

      Hello everyone,

      I created a recipe to success to map your locations to COVID-19 cases to help you and your business better understand how this crisis may be impacting your business.

      The step by step process of mapping county level data to your locations is outlined here.

      I then took this analysis a step further and came up with a way to track hotspots across county borders. This way administrative borders do not get in the way of highlighting the danger you and your locations may be in to map to all counties and their neighboring counties check out this post.




      Confirmed cases by county:

      Adj County.pngClick to see on Public

      Confirmed cases per capita by county:

      Adj County per 100k.pngClick to see on Public




      Hope this helps you all as you try to track this pandemic and it's impact on your business.


      Please let me know if you have any additional questions.