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    Help! Do you use Custom Geocoding or tabgeohack in production?

    Kent Marten

      Hello Tableau Mapping Community,


      My name is Kent Marten and I am a Product Manager working on maps and spatial analysis in Tableau. My team is working on an important project to remove a dependency on Firebird in Tableau. You can think of this as a technical debt project to modernize and speed-up geocoding with large datasets. As many of you know, up until last year Tableau used a Firebird database (FDB) to store the built-in geographic data that is used when you make maps. In 2019.4, we transitioned the data store from Firebird to Hyper, Tableau's high-performance data engine. However, this did not change the fact that all previously created Custom Geocoding still used an embedded Firebird database to store custom geographic data.


      My team has built a method for Tableau to read existing custom geocoding workbooks and still be able to remove the dependency on Firebird from the default Tableau installer. This is great for our customers -- as removing 3rd party code from our product means Tableau will be more stable and secure.


      This is where you come in.


      We need your help to test our solution, to make sure your workbooks still work exactly the way they always have. We are confident our changes won't impact supported methods for importing custom geocoding. However, we especially want to test workbooks that have been built using the unsupported method -- Richard Leeke's tabgeohack referenced here: Map Utility Downloads. We want to test custom geocoding workbooks that have used tabgeohack because we want to be able to do one of two things: 1) Tell you those workbooks will keep working if they do or 2) Tell you those workbooks will no longer work, and give you time to transition to a new solution if you are using those custom geocoding workbooks in production.


      What we need from you:


      1. Can you share your workbook? If it can be shared publicly, you can reply and post it in this thread. If it cannot be shared publicly, please post a reply, and I will reach out directly.
      2. If you cannot share your workbook. Can you install a pre-release/beta verison of Tableau and test it out by opening your custom geocoding workbooks and ensuring you can work with your custom geocoding as expected? Simply reply to this thread if you are willing to be a beta-tester. We will likely have a beta version available in-line with the 2020.3 pre-release/beta timeline. As soon as I can, I will respond to those that volunteer with an update.


      Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.



      Kent M.