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    Survey Table Format Questions


      First, if there's another post I missed that addresses this, please point me to it!


      I am in the beginning stages of cleaning the data for a survey dashboard. There are 20 odd questions, some are conditional, some yes/no, some likert, and some are interrelated/connected. I understand I need to restructure the yes/no, likert, and select all responses into a single column.


      My question primarily relates to the questions that look like a table in the survey and like Q4 and Q16 in the attached.


      Table Format Example: Indicate which of the following areas you experienced? Did you report it? And to whom? This is all one table in the survey, separate columns in the report.


      So you check a box for disrespect, indicate whether you reported the disrespect, and finally to whom you reported. You can do the same for many other types of incidents. (again reference the attached for the final format). In the dashboard, I we are considering a heat map or some other visual, where you can cross compare combinations.


      Question 1: How should I format this data in the spreadsheet if I need to be able to connect entries across? So I need to know what a respondent selected across. Do I just make sure the question descriptions capture it in a way I can connect back (so label it 4. Disrespect select all; 4. Disrespect report; 4 disrespect to whom? If so, how would I then pull to do a heat map or something similar?


      Question 2: Anything else you think I should consider based on the structure of my data (other than responses in one column)? The excel attached includes other columns I will include as well (numerical values where I can; descriptions; etc.).

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          Jim Dehner


          Steve Wexler - Zen Master and HOF is the go to expert for survey data prep   see the link   Steve Wexler | Tableau Software



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            Thank you. I had been using his blog to inform how I am transforming most of my questions. I am still trying to think through question 4, which has 3 parts that are all related.


            I need to show how many cases for each type of "misconduct", how they are generally reported, and to whom. So, I have to show combinations of how an individual reported said type of misconduct and to whom by the type of misconduct.



            Right now I've transformed this question like this and each section gets a unique id. Not sure this works though for what I'd like to do.

            So, maybe my question is more like:


            1) How might I go about visualizing this and relating these by type of misconduct? I was thinking a tree map for observations (20a), then maybe a heat map with to whom (20c) and how it's reported (20b). But, the heat map would need to be filterable by the type of observation. I have not committed to any format, just trying to think through it and keep it as simple as possible.


            2) Are there better ways to transform or label/adjust my data? Or is this the best way to move forward?