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    Data Source Connection Issue + Excel Error

    Kelsey Lockard

      Hi there,


      I am brand new to tableau and downloaded tableau as a student, and activated it with my student license product key. I have never used it before and am trying to familiarize myself with the program.


      I have been trying to follow along with the training videos and am right away having trouble with the connection to the data sources. I have attached screenshots of the error with excel and my tableau home screen. Any ideas as to the reason why my home screen does not have the Connect "to a file" or Connect "to a server" options?


      I've tried to download multiple versions, 2020.1.2 and 2019.4.5, and neither has worked. I am on a Microsoft Surface Laptop running Windows 10.0.18362


      If I try to connect to the "Sample - Superstore" file, it pops up with an excel error (See picture). I emailed customer service first and they said that "It appears that you do not have license permissions to access Microsoft Excel. In order to access excel documents from Tableau you must first purchase Microsoft excel and have an active Microsoft Office." I use excel on a daily basis and have an active Microsoft office license so I don't believe that is the issue.


      To try and test the issue we actually downloaded Tableau for Desktop on my boyfriend's computer. Same version, and he uses Windows 10 also. He did the free trial of the product and all data sources were available and was able to open the sample data source without an error (like the one in the image). When we activated my Student license product key on his computer though, all of the data sources disappeared and the same error message would appear when he opened the superstore sample data source provided with the download. His computer is also licensed to use Excel.


      Any advice would be appreciated.