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    Performance for WMS Map Connection

    Jay Einhorn

      Hi everyone!


      This is my first post to Tableau community so please bear with any lack of knowledge/etiquette.


      I am trying to pull in map data from my organization's ArcGIS server into Tableau as a Background Map. I connected to the server via WMS, but there are a couple of issues:


      1. The map layers only start showing at a certain zoom level, and they don't show when I'm fully zoomed out.


      2. The map resizing is super slow, to the point where it's unusable as a background map.


      Is there anything I can do to enhance the performance? Like for example export the map as a TMS file, play around with the parameters and import back into Tableau. I understand that process but not sure which parameters to change that might actually help with these issues.


      I'm running Tableau Desktop 2019.3.5. I've attached the workbook that connects to the map via WMS.


      Thanks so much!