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    Tableau Map Source map-attribution

    Michael Eyers

      I need to add a very long copyright statement to a background map created as a Tableau Map Source.


      From examples I can see that the copyright statement is supplied in the TMS file using

      <map-attribution copyright-string='<enter statement>'


      The problem I have is that only half the copyright statement gets displayed on the map.  Is it possible to have multiple lines or word wrap the text of the copyright statement using parameters in the TMS file?


      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          Jim Walseth

          Hi Michael.


          This is not a designed capability of the map, but it did seem possible to introduce a linefeed/carriage return in the text, causing it to wrap. Nothing that I tried worked however.

          It seems to me that there are tow other possibilities. One is to put your attribution information in the page linked to by `copyright-url`. Another is to simply put a text box on top of the attribution in your dashboard.


          Jim Walseth

          Tableau Maps Team

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