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    Tableau Server client :- datasources.get method

    Surendra Yeluri

      I am using TSC datasources.get method sample code provided by Tableau support (API reference ) as below but this get method is not listing ALL the datasource in my Tableau server and listing only around 60% of datasource.


      Could you help me on this.


      import tableauserverclient as TSC
      tableau_auth = TSC.TableauAuth('USERNAME', 'PASSWORD')
      server = TSC.Server('https://SERVERURL')

      with server.auth.sign_in(tableau_auth):
         all_datasources, pagination_item = server.datasources.get()
         print("\nThere are {} datasources on site: ".format(pagination_item.total_available))
         print([datasource.name for datasource in all_datasources])