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    synchronize drop lines to both x and y axis

    Barbara Eckstein

      I have three line plots. Two are on a dual axis, the other sits visually below the dual axis plot. I need to be able to click on any point in any of the three line plots and have drop lines show up for that point for both the x and y axis.

      in the attached, if you pick a point on the bottom plot the drop line goes down to the x axis, but of course doesn't go up to the top plot. So I'll I've really done is turn on drop lines for all three plots.It just appears they are synchronized in the x direction if you pick the top plot.


      What I need is pick a point on any plot, x drop line goes across all three plots and y drop line for the point that x drop line crosses is displayed in each of the three plots.


      Image below illustrates the concept.


      Any help would be appreciated.