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    How to sort multiple columns ASC/DESC and display trend indicators to better visualize % difference values in a table?

    Kuba Baobab



      I'm completely new to Tableau and started just now and begun working with a CSV file which contains weekly SUMs for items sold (soldThisWeek, soldLastWeek, Sold2WeeksAgo, Sold3WeeksAgo) and columns that show % difference in items sold between each two weeks (3to2WeeksAgo, 2WeeksAgotoLastWeek, LastToThisWeek).


      1. My issue number one:

      I want to keep this as a table view (see below) on my Dashboard later on and be able to sort ASC and DESc for each of the mentioned above columns (ideally by simple click on it's header if possible).


      Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 5.35.23 PM.png


      2. My second issue:

      I would like to add trend indicators (symbols) next to my % values to indicate the following:

      • arrow up symbol as indicator for positive % difference
      • arrow down symbol as indicator negative % difference
      • rectangle symbol for blank field or 0.0% value

      similar to what's on this example below:


      Also if % difference in the column LastToThisWeek would be greater than 20.0% then I would need this row to be highlighted in green, if value would be greater than -20% then in red, otherwise no color. (this is less important). But would be great to learn how to do this as well in my scenario!


      Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 5.50.54 PM.png


      I would appreciate any help with this and if someone could point me to some resources that would help me moving forward with this or modify a bit my tableau project to give me some more clarity on things. Thank you in advance!