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    Creating map if you only have US Region (no state) in your data?

    Robert Hyatt

      I have a data set (example workbook attached) that is reported by region and I need to create a map showing sales by region.  The problem is that I do not have state data detail in my file.


      I have been unable to find a way to create a map in Tableau with just US region data.


      One thing I tried was creating a US State to Region key and joining that to my data, but since it is a one-to-many join (meaning for each region there are many states) my data is being multiplied by the number of states in each region and the resulting numbers are all over inflated.



      Base data file (no state to region join).  The item unit numbers are all correct.



      Data with state to region join.  As you can see the Item units are now incorrect after the join.



      Is there an easy way around this?  Is there a way to create a map in Tableau if I only know US region?  I tried blending the US state to region key data, but the limitations of a blend (can't use context filters etc) make this approach impossible for me.  I also searched high and low online to try and find latitude/longitude data for US regions but have been unable to locate such data.  If creating a Tableau map from just region data isn't possible, then I need to find a way to join to a state key data source without compromising my existing data.