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    A LOD problem I can not fix - but it looks so easy? (now with Workbook :-))

    Tobi Eckhardt



      I'm struggling with an "easy LOD problem.

      The goal is to show the total for each Team of "COUNTD([Amount])*AVG([Weight])" - so for Team A: 27+11+25+154+188,7 = 405,7



      - Please consider "Amount" as a number of IDs which might occur multiple times, to count each id only once I have to use "CountD" instead of "SUM"

      - I added "111" just for you into the picture, to understand the calculation is happening there


      But by trying the following:


      {FIXED [TEAMS] : ([ID*Weight])} I do not get the expected result - I see the SUM of all Amount values



      Any idea would help, unfortunately I can not share any workbook due to confidence reasons.



      Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-26 um 17.39.37.png