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    Percentage of Count measure.

    Kyle Dinh


      I'm totally a newbie in this area. Can someone give me a hand in this situation, please?

      Here is my data structure.

      Each event has three time-points ( Time1,2,3).

      I want to know how much difference in minuter between each stamp points. ( Time2 - Time1 and Time 3-Time2). Those numbers are presenting for how much difference between two stamp points. ( noted that number is made up).

      Next, I want to count how many events which has (Time2-Time1) < 200 and events that have ( Time3-time2) <100.

      After this, I need a percent number which will present Count(Time3-Time2) / Count(Time2-Time1) and show it in Row.

      Here is what I've tried:

           - COUNT([Time3-Time2] < 100) / COUNT([Time2-Time1] < 200)

           - SUM( IF ( Time3-Time2 ) < 100 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) / SUM( IF ( Time2-Time1 ) < 200 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)

      Both are return 100%. What am I missing?



      To make it easy to understand. Let's say you are a doctor who treats people with COVID 19. You need to keep track of what time you give patient medicine. Each patient needs to take medicine 3 times a day. Each time is called an Event.

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