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    making some calculations not affected with Filter

    Hady Shaaban

      Hello ,
      Hope you are stay safe ,
      actually i'm new to tableau
      i'm building a simple dashboard that represents some KPI's in a textual format as a first step
      i have a KPI that is calculated from a binary column. the binary column is 'valid'
      all KPI's in the dashboard needed to be filtered as Valid. But in same sheet i need to get the the net between valid and non valid column as
      follows :
      Cancelation rate : (non_valid_Orders - valid_Orders ) / non_valid_Orders

      Valid orders : sum of orders if valid = 1

      non_valid_Orders : sum of orders if valid = 0

      And of course when i filter on valid to be = 1 , all items are correct but cancellation is null cell.

      Can you please help me ?? attached is a simple dashboard for testing