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    Aligning Data Sets

    Tyler Markert

      Hello Tableau Community,


      First, I hope that you and your loved ones are all fairing well in these strange times. If you find yourself with some capacity, I have a Tableau problem that I have been unable to crack around how to properly reflect my data set and am hoping that someone can help me to solve it. Sample data and workbook attached.


      You can see an example data set below of the problem that I am having. In brief, each unique data point has a single Annual Fund number associated with it as well multiple other data points. I am trying to bring them together in a single view where if I filtered by another dimension (Group in the example) that the single Annual Fund number would appear alongside whatever filtered aggregate view of the other Measures are required.


      To my knowledge, it is impossible to freeze/lock the data from other filters/aggregations in the sheet. My closest attempt is also pictured below where I tried fixing the Annual Fund number to the lowest Dimension, which does get it to display in every row as desired but not the correct number as the aggregating function that I am using (Median) only occasionally returns the correct number by chance.


      Any help that you can offer would be greatly appreciated as I have been unable to find a solution on my own.