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    Top 10 From Previous Day

    Grant Barreiro

      Hello Tableau World.


      Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during this time. 


      I have a question regarding how to get the Top 10 based on previous day and I hope I am overthinking it.  I have created a calculated field to rank my categories based on their seven day moving average, and now I want to essentially create a table only displaying the top 10, but it will change daily. 


      I can try and recreate in the SuperStore data if needed, but below is a snapshot of what the ranking page looks like.  Essentially categories as rows, with individual dates as the columns and the ranking within each day as the numeric data field. 



      My question is how can I create a Top 10 table that gives me the top 10 rankings based on the previous day?  For example, today is 3/26 so the Top 10 would be based off 3/25, but tomorrow (3/27) it would be based off 3/26. 


      Any insight would be appreciated.


      Thank you all!