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    How to find the Min and Max of an aggregate in view only

    Simon Breeze

      Part of one of the Viz's I'm trying to make is for a summary page that just shows a quick tick trend line for the last 3 points (daily, weekly, etc).

      That works fine, what I'm now trying to get is the min and max of those values.

      I've tried something like this, but it's not just using the points in view, it's pulling from the whole data set

      {max({ fixed [Date Granularity Calc ]:SUM([Gross_FTE])})}

      Is there a way to only have it look at the data in the view?


      The next, more complicated part is that I have 3 separate data sets and I'd like to be able to pull back the Min and Max across all of them, but I'd like to solve the first bit first


      thanks as always