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    Display Zero if Count Records is Zero - In Dashboard

    Brent Van Scoy



      I am counting records in a worksheet and then using it as part of my dashboard. If the worksheet has no records, it currently shows blank. I would like to display a 0 instead of having the box look blank.

      I have read many posts that discuss what to do in a table, but that does not work for this problem.



      Simple calculation:  COUNT([Sales_Id])


      Attempts with no success


      CASE COUNT([Sales_Id]) when 0 THEN 0

      ELSE COUNT([Sales ID]) END


      IIF(ISNULL(COUNT([Sales ID])), 0, COUNT([Sales ID]))


      Similar calculation

      Also working with this calculation, but if I figure out above, I am guessing it will solve this too.

      Total Volume] / 1000000


      Thanks for any help!!