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    Adding Rivers to Maps

    Beth Jacques

      First-time user here. I have created a US map with circles indicating number of certified professionals by zip code. I would like the rivers to show up but can't seem to add this in the layers, or find previous questions about it. I'm hoping that it's so easy I'm overthinking it too much... I've attached the Tableau workbook and a PDF example of what I would like.

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          Sarah Battersby

          Hi Beth,


          Rivers are included as part of the base map data - for instance, you can see them in the Outdoors base map here:


          But...they don't appear until a relatively close-in zoom.  They are part of the base layer and I don't think they can be controlled independently.


          If you have a shapefile of rivers that you can use, you could add them in as part of a dual axis map (here are some tips on combining spatial data to make dual axis maps: Dual Axis Mapping - Many Ways )



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