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    Protect tableau workbook




      Is there any feature to protect tableau workbook. or any feature by which only few users can view workbook content. I am connecting workbook using big query , please let me know if there is any feature by which I can add user credentials and workbook is visible to few users.





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          Ken Flerlage

          What's the driver behind this? Can you provide a bit more background?


          There are ways to protect your workbook  when you publish it or you can store it on a secure file share. But I'd like to better understand the drivers for this to make sure we can provide the best answer.

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            Heyward Drummond

            The proper method is to publish this to a Tableau Server and then apply permissions as to who can access the workbook and their permissions. Tableau Server or Tableau Online is the governance solution for Tableau Desktop. Tableau Desktop files with twb or tbwx extensions are not encrypted and can be opened by certain tools. Those files were never meant to be secured unless you want to sue some encryption tool so that if you send it out, you would be able to control access. That would be totally outside of Tableau. We expect customers to use Tableau Server to share content, not share files via email or posting those files on some insecure web page.

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              VINEET KAPOOR

              Hey Heyward,


              Thanks!! still I need to find a way to protect workbook, maybe tableau developers should add it.

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                Ken Flerlage

                Feel free to create an Idea here Ideas

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                  Peter Fakan

                  Hi Vineet,


                  This is a paywall point for Tableau that they are unlikely to move on. This is the point where you decide to commit to Tableau and pony up some money.






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                    Heyward Drummond

                    Tableau Server was released many years ago to offer governance to Tableau Desktop content. That is the main reason for Tableau Server. Tableau is a client server environment with both offering a complete package.


                    Now having said that you could choose to create a graphic image of your workbook in Desktop and then only send out your graphic to the people you want. Yes, they could then forward to others. We can't control that.That is all about trust. Recently, Tableau Desktop added Export to PowerPoint as another option so you don't have to send out a workbook. You can also Print to PDF as well.

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                      VINEET KAPOOR

                      Thanks , will post

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                        VINEET KAPOOR

                        I will be using simba jdbc driver, any thoughts?

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                          Heyward Drummond

                          I have not worked with many of the drivers since I am an expert with Tableau, not databases and their drivers. Some customers think we are experts in lots of these data sources but reality is unless you have worked with those databases and tools, it's not something that we can pick up that quickly. My background was never in databases or programming. I focus mostly on Tableau Server. these days. Most of us in my position don't use Tableau every day in terms of developing workbooks and work for hours on dashboards. We spend time in front of customers getting them to buy the software, demoing basic things, helping them architect, helping build communities of practice, enablement for new users, knowledge sharing, etc.


                          Most of the drivers were developed by the third party data source vendors who we partner with to then add our API and build into Desktop and Server or post on the Drivers page. Some vendors choose to distribute their own Tableau drivers and give them to customers or even sell them.