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    Row-Level Security and across company comparisons

    Ciaran Twohig



      Is it possible to to enable row level security but also let the user see data aggregated to company level in order to compare?


      My example would be a workbook that utilises row level security to secure data to region level for each individual region but would also allow each region owner to compare to the company average across all regions? They would not be able to see any other data outside of their region.


      Any help would be much appreciated.

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          Ashish Abhishek

          Hi Ciaran,


          Yes, it is possible. The best approach, I would suggest is to have user groups, which can be then used to create User filters at row level while creating the data source.

          Creating user filters creates sets with access defined for each set of users (User Groups). This would restrict the access at row level as you will define that which group has access to which data.


          These sets, when used as Data Source filter, they restricts the access at row level on the data source.

          It works just like active directory, and I have been using it for quite long now.

          You can find more details here :Create a User Filter and Secure it for Publishing - Tableau



          Hope it helps!!

          Kind Regards,