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    Link Gender Filter of one data source with gender filter of second data source?

    Hadi Chami

      Hello guys,


      I created a dashboard with around 8 sheets. 7 Sheets of them are linked to data source 1 and one sheet to data source 2. I set the gender filter for all sheets so the filter will effect all sheets in the dashboard. My problem is now I dont want to use two gender filter on my dashboard (one for data source 1 and one for data source 2). I want to link the data source 2 gender filter with the first one, thus only display one gender filter on my dashboard but filtering all 8 sheets. I tried also with a parameter but didnt get the solution yet.


      I tried a calculation field with something liket that: if [Geschlecht Par]= "m" THEN [Geschlecht]="m" : SUM([Köpfe korrigiert]) end


      So how can I say to tableau if "m" is selected in the parameter then filter gender to m and sum up how many? Thanks a lot in advance. Due to personal data I am not able to share the workbook, sorry. Hope somebody has any idea!