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    Dynamic Pagination

    Matt B

      Hi all,


      I stumbled upon Doug Reyff's pagination solution on the Tableau community. I found it quite interesting but I have a question which I hope to get answer for on this post.


      I used a parameter and calculated field to create a paging solution. The problem is that when I use a filter (say continent filter in the attached example) the number of records and subsequently number of pages remains unchanged. For instance when I choose only Africa  in the continent filter, even though its records fill only the first 2 pages, all 8 pages show up in the parameter dropdown options and the last pages show empty.


      Can anyone recommend a solution to dynamically change the number of pages shown in the parameter (even if it means creating additional fields in the query for my actual dataset). Alternatively, can you suggest a way to use a combination of filters and calculation fields in place of the current solution?




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