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    Heat Map for UK basing on multiple Dimentions

    Paweł Łebek


      I have reviewed this Forum and could not find answers that would solve my problems.

      Creating maps in Tableau seems to be easy, but when it comes to creating particular views - it is not at all.


      1. I am using Tableau 10.2.1 (Density Mark not available in this version).
      2. I have one data set. My manager wants me to create map of United Kingdom showing sales drillable using multiple dimensions:
        • Heatmap from postcode of the orders being placed, downdrillable to the IBO submitting the order.
        • Heatmap of where are customers are coming from. Downdrillable to city level
        • Heatmap of customers onboarding: gross sales and net sales, downdrillable for single or dual fual and per tariff contract (variable or fixed).
        • Heatmap of the credit score per postcode, per city and per IBO submitted orders/customers

      This is a challenge for me:

      First question is how can I create map using these combinations of dimentions so I can add filter drop-down.

      Second question - how to create heat map not having Density Mark (available in newer version of Tableau). I am also facing some problems with Post Codes that are not recognized by Tableau. Checked with Google Maps, they are OK.


      Please see examples and some sample data. Can you please help me?

      Example of Tableau.JPG

      As you can see I have over than 4k unrecognized Zip Codes, do not know why.

      Also, I cannot generate map: I made Zip Code, City and Country appropriate geo role. I also created hierarchy.


      Example of DB Output.JPG

      This is example of Data I get via SQL query from my DWH.

      Sample of bigger number of orders enclosed to this topic as well.


      Can you please help me with that task? Is there any description I can follow so I can fully develop such map?


      Hope you can help me!




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          Michael Gillespie

          The postal code issue is because of the version of Tableau you are on.  Those codes are not in the database that shipped with that version.  When I open your spreadsheet in 2020.1, only 58 unknowns appear.


          Nope, wrong!  For UK postcodes, only the characters before the space are used.  You need to split the field into two separate fields and only use the left-most portion.


          Will look at the heatmap issue later, time permitting.

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            Paweł Łebek

            Thanks a lot!


            I have been exploring forum and also found something like this:


            Filled UK Postcode area map


            Seems to be something you mention in your comment. Will try that.


            Thanks for checking my question and the heat map issue.




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              Heyward Drummond

              10.2? I hope you know that version is out of support and not being maintained. That would explain some of this issues with postcodes not being updated. We update the postal codes frequently but with the quarterly maintenance updates. I assume you are not under a support/maintenance contract and explains the 10.2 version. 10.2 went out of support in August, 2019.


              Perhaps others have some ways to get around this issue. You could download the latest 2020.1 version using the free 2-week trial and try it out. If you like it, get in touch with your sales rep and get a price to get upgraded/support contract in place.

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                Paweł Łebek



                Yes, this is unfortunately not up to me. I work using this version of Tableau (full version is: 10.2.1(10200.17.0328.0755)) and try to explain to my supervisors what is possible and what is not. But thank you for update.


                I tried what you advised in your previous remark. I have split UK postcodes and called them: postcode_outward and postcode_inward, someting like this:


                DataBase Example.JPG


                I was able to get this View:




                So this is not a clasic Heat Map but at least some progress. Is there anything more I can do here to have it looking more like Heat Map? Also, can you help me with the multiple dimention?