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    Looking for same instances in a table

    Matt Johnson

      I have a table full of membership transactions and I want to create a flag that essentially shows if a person did the same transaction in the same year. Each person belongs to the main institution and has the option to be in one or more satellite branches. Every year, a person either renews their membership or lets it lapse. What I'd like to do is create a field that shows if a person lapsed both their membership in the main institution and a satellite branch (see Person ID 1971258 for Membership Year 2019 for an example).



      Person IDMembership TypeMembership YearMembership ActionLapse Main and Satellite in Same Year
      1971258Main Institution2019LapseY
      1971258Satellite Branch2019LapseY
      1971258Main Institution2018RenewN
      1971258Satellite Branch2018JoinN
      8057930Main Institution2019RenewN
      8057930Satellite Branch2019LapseN
      61039164Main Institution2019LapseY
      61039164Satellite Branch2019LapseY