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    Geo Mapping - Calculation Field

    Praveen Konduru

      Hello All,


      I am trying to create a calculation field for an expense report on a geographical columns (State & Country). My data set contains no value for State & Country fields when an employee pay with a cash for an expense.


      I want to categorize those transactions to a particular location based on employee company code. If employee belongs to company1 and transactions with no state and country should assign to Texas, US. And for company2 with no state and country value should assign to Ontario, Canada.


      I have 2 calculation fields Null State and Null Country to categorize null values to desired location. The count looks good expect for one state, I'm not sure what change I have to make to the calculation field to get the right count.


      Attached is my workbook with the sample data. The count in the Company1 & Company2 sheets in the attached validation file is what I'm expecting to see in tableau.

      Appreciate for any help.