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    Connector SDK - Modifying Tableau's SQL

    Dylan Murphy

      We're building a custom connector for our database based on the Postgres dialect and jdbc. There are a few things that Tableau does with the SQL that don't work within our database. I'm wondering if there is a way to change the way that Tableau issues SQL in one of the connector files or someplace else. If we change the dialect, some of this is fixed. However, we'd like to standardize on Postres and go from there. Here are a few things that we'd like to change -


      • Replace talbeau's use of spaces with underscores in aliases
      • Restrice the use of constant values in aggregations like HAVING COUNT(1) > 0
      • Replace the use of ":" with underscores in aliases like SELECT SUM("adtech_flat"."device_mac") AS "sum:device_mac:ok"...


      Thanks in Advance!



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          Dan Cory

          There are many things changeable in the dialect. Other things are changeable through the capabilities documented at Capabilities

          Finally, some things are read from the JDBC API.


          For issues about characters, I would make sure your driver is returning a good value for getExtraNameCharacters. That only governs unquoted identifiers, though.


          For ODBC connections, it's possible to report that quoted identifiers aren't allowed and which characters are allowed in identifiers. I don't think we have an equivalent for JDBC.


          I'm not sure exactly what you are wanting with that HAVING clause. What do you want to see instead?