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    Tableau iframe problem, 410 gone response

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      I'm developing javascript web application where we using embedded tableau dashboards.

      The main feature is that we have list of dashboards and after click we displaying one of them.


      Here is some code how I creating visualisation (in react):  

      this.viz = new window.tableau.Viz(vizContainer, vizUrl, options);


      Everything works ok but sometimes my dashboard displaying errors:

      "An error occured processing the server response"


      In network tab and console logs I can see that tableau returns 410 gone response codes and then it crash:

      image (1).png


      I tested it in different enviroments. For example mac os chrome it is visible and on windows chrome not.

      Do you have any idea?

      My web page was working for few months without problems but now without any codebase changes it started be annoying for some users.