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    Polygons and Financial Data

    Panagiotis Kotsios

      Hi everyone.

      I would very much appreciate some assistance with a problem I am facing, which is combining polygons with sales data (and not with the coronavirus).

      I am making a demo for an agricultural cooperative, in which I try to combine polygon data with members' financial data.

      I have analysed the financial data in sheets and dashboards and everything works fine.

      The problem arises when I try to connect the polygon data that show each members' fields.

      Because polygons have multiple lat and long values, these values alter the sum of sales from each member (eg if a polygon has 4 lat and long values, the sales value of January which is 100$, becomes 4*100=400)

      This is probably because the lat and long values are read as different points and not as one.

      If someone can help I would appreciate it.


      Panagiotis from Katerini, Greece