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    Subscribe button missing

    Kord Kindred

      There are two things I want to accomplish with this post.

           1. Identify a semi-low priority problem to be fixed.

           2. Ask a question I have been curious about for awhile.


      My users have only noticed this issue happening in workbooks based on google sheet data sources.


      I was able to bring back the Subscribe button by using the "Embedded password" option as pictured below. Normally I use the "Embed my email" option as I am the sole creator at my organization. Switching back and forth between publishing made the subscribe button disappear and reappear with consistency. In addition this just popped up, so my assumption is that the last Tableau Online update did something to change how this functions as it used to work with me embedding my email.


      I am using Tableau Online(Always current version) as well as Tableau Desktop(Also current version).


      What is the difference between these two options, especially if I am only catering to viewer licenses?

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          David Browne

          Hello Kord,


          I am open to be corrected on this but I believe if you choose "embedded userx@gmail.com" and publish it, another user who accesses the view will need to have the saved credentials for that userx@gmail.com account associated with their user (which is probably unlikely they will have this if its another user) as per Manage Credentials - Tableau 


          However if you choose "Embedded Password" it does not require the account saved credentials and will just display the view/allow user to subscribe.


          So if you are catering to Viewers I would choose "Embedded Password"


          Hope this helps



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            Kord Kindred

            Hello David,


            Thank you for your prompt response. That is an interesting thought. Though, my users are able to see and connect to the content just fine. The only change is that the subscribe button appears with the embedded password option and disappears with the embedded email option. Subscriptions used to work just fine and I have been using the embedded email option since I started which I guess I forgot to mention was 2 years ago.