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    Data Driven Alerts not working for me

    Brad Benson

      My data driven alerts are not working. I even set up a fake testing data source with a fake workbook that I published to my company's tableau online server. I made two alerts. One says Shipping is almost full if the amount threshold of 100,000 gets surpassed and the other alert that says Shipping is Full if 150,000 gets surpassed. Then I published it as a live connection with refresh enabled, but when I edited the data source so that the amount thresholds would be surpassed it didn't work. Visually it shows that the threshold has been passed, but it still says never triggered. I set the alert to alert me the first time it is true, but it hasn't alerted me. Not sure why it says never triggered...ALSO the shipping is almost full says last triggered 10 mins ago because when i published the workbook it already had data in there that was surpassing 100,000, but not 150,000 and I didn't receive and email alert for that either! Am I missing something? What am I doing wrong?