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    Launching Tableau Public 2020.1

    neil van asselt

      Hi All,


      So due to not being able to open workbooks downloaded from tableau public (32 bit machine only goes up to version 10.4), I upgraded my computer to a 64 bit machine, that is running windows 7.


      I was able to  install tableau 2020.1 but I cannot get past ;


      "The product is unable to start due to a problem with the product binaries. Please uninstall the product and try installing again"


      After 6 hours of dealing with this nonsense, and spending money on a newish comp specifically to run 2020.1 I am truly aggravated by the days events.  Is there any solution to this problem ?

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          Ken Flerlage

          Sorry to hear about this. Can you try the solutions documented here (if you have not already): https://kb.tableau.com/articles/issue/error-product-is-unable-to-start-internal-licensing-error

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            neil van asselt

            Hi Ken,


            Thanks for the quick response. I am a little confused now. I am the IT team


            I tried downloading and installing tableau Public 2020.1 and that is where I get my error.

            I then removed its directory in programs and the workbook dir and installed tableau 2019.4 desktop,

            If I try and start the desktop version, I don't get the error, but I bail out at the sign up/ registration page.


            I am not sure why  (in Option 4) you request the installer to be downloaded again.


            At Download Now | Tableau Public  I can download 2020.1 public again. Not sure it will help me as it is just an app (ie. it's not building any Dll's or binaries)?


            If I go to the suggested page Tableau Prep Builder | Tableau Software  I don't see a tableau public version to download ?


            Not sure what I should be doing as I wish to run tableau public and not desktop.





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              Ken Flerlage

              Let's take a step back. You want to install Tableau Public, correct? Do you have licenses for Desktop?

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                neil van asselt

                Hi Ken,


                I have been running tableau public (version 10.4) on a 32 bit machine. As part of my learning process, I wish to download interesting workbooks from the public gallery, to dissect them, and figure out how they work. Also, I think that running the latest version is beneficial as one is exposed to the latest functionality.


                My problem was that when I downloaded a workbook from the gallery, I could not open it properly, as my version of tableau was prior to that of the downloaded workbook.


                Thus I bought a refurbished machine (64bit, windows 7) yesterday. Through windows update I installed windows service pack 1 and upgraded the visual C++ distributions.


                I then downloaded a version of tableau public (TableauPublicDesktop-64bit-2020-1-0) . Initially I was getting a 0x90240017 - Unspecified error. After a few hours got round that one, and tableau installed. However this version now gives me the "product is unable to start due to a problem with the binaries" error.


                Just as an exercise I tried downloading and running TableauDesktop-64bit-2019-4-0 to see if would generate the same error. It started up and gave me no error. I uninstalled this, cleaned up the workbook directory and reinstalled 2020.1 but still get the binaries error.


                So my objective is to get Tableau public 2020-1-0 working. I have no licenses for Desktop.


                This morning I went into control panel, set User account Control settings to none, uninstalled tableau, and reinstalled with no luck.

                I also went into MMC and found two veriSign certificates G3 and G5  both valid until 7/17/2036.



                Thanks for your help, sorry for the confusion,


                All the best,



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                  neil van asselt

                  OK, HAVE IT WORKING


                  I think the problem was due to a refurbished machine, being so old. It just needed almost 2 gigs of updates and blah!


                  On windows 7 hit start--All programs--windows update

                  Just let windows update work and follow the instructions. Don't interrupt the process !


                  If you don't have service pack 1 installed it is vital. You can check you have it  by going to control panel, system and security and then system. It should be below your version of windows. If it is not there, it is not installed !


                  You need service pack 1 first, as without it a whole chain of updates will fail. Don't proceed unless you can verify you have it installed.


                  You also need to have visual C++ installed . Uninstall all previous versions and install this download ; "VC_redist.x64"   (size 14,624kb).


                  The strange thing regarding updates from windows is that some updates won't work, because they are dependent on other updates, that are not in yet in your system. Microsoft doesn't inform you as to why the update is failing ... they just expect you to know. Pretty stupid stuff from reasonably intelligent people (it requires a degree of intuition when a layperson has none) !


                  SO you may have to go through the windows update process multiple times before your machine finally gets to a point of readiness.


                  Time to go and bang some more nails in with my forehead on other 'stuff'.


                  Just downloaded the viz of the day and it opens beautifully.


                  FANTASTICO !


                  Good luck everyone, stay safe from the coronavirus, hope this helps someone.


                  Ken, thanks again for your help.