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    CNT as a table rows

    Anna Kim


      I'm new in Tableau, so I have a question about creating a table/heatmap. Below there is a screenshot of an Excel table that should be visualized in Tableau.

      It represents the number of players [of a mobile game] who've played i games (in rows) in the j-th day after registration (see columns). E.g., we can see that in the 0-th day (a day of app installation), 184 users have played 2 games; in the 5-th day, 21 users have played 1 game.


      The .csv file (attached below) contains original data about a player's game: date, player ID, chosen character, number of the game [or how many games has a player had before + 1] etc.

      Plus, I've added a calculated field "days_after_registration" as




      So how can I visualize the data in Tableau?