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    Certified Desktop Associate Test - Exam Guide Guidance

    Daniel Berens

      I am using the downtime due to Coronavirus to prepare for the Certified Desktop Associate Test.   One challenge I am having is figuring out at what depth I have to prepare.


      I see that on this page:  Desktop Certified Associate | Tableau Software  There is an exam guide https://mkt.tableau.com/files/DesktopCA_ExamGuide.pdf


      The exam guide includes a list of Skills Measured by the exam.    My question to those who are familiar with the certification:  Is the list of Skills Measured exhaustive or nearly exhaustive of the scope of the test. 


      I would think the answer is "yes."  However, I am asking the Tableau community because I would hate to start organizing my notes, practice, etc without knowing unambiguously the scope of the test.