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    <Server Name> ip address not found

    Jilani Shaik



      user accessing the report from webapplication and we have implemented the trusted authentication in server


      still it throws the error like below



      what will be the problem, Kindly appreciate if anyone helps!!

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          Heyward Drummond

          That is not an error from Tableau Server, so you will need to look at your networking connections between Tableau Server and your web server where you embedded the javascript code from Tableau into the iframe of the web server page. Was it never working?

          I'd suggest performing a network trace between the PC/Mac where this error happened to the web server then trace back to Tableau Server. Something is not setup properly.


          I would need a lot more details and cannot diagnose network issues remotely. I suggest working with Tableau Services where they can come out and configure the servers for you. Suggest reaching out to your Tableau Sales Rep for advice and help with getting services to assist.

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            Budi Lubis

            Hi Jilani -

            You can do a quick test by pinging the server to see if you can reach it.


            ping server-name or IP address

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              Heyward Drummond

              I agree. I sure hope that a proper DNS Hostname is assigned to Tableau Server and that they are not using an IP address to reach the server. That's ok in a test situation but not for production.