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    Grant Joseph

      Hello out there! I wanted to see if / how you all are using COVID-19 data to make decisions that influence your business? If so, what data set are you using? I found an example on Tableau Public but wanted to see if there was any content out there with a specific RCG lense?


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          Luke Stock

          Grant - this is a great call out.  For all the people out there in Retail and CG who are trying to analyze the impact of COVID-19 on your business be it Supply Chain, Store Ops, Human Capital, whatever, please let us at Tableau know how we can help.  We are willing to roll up our sleeves with you to help you arrive at the insights you need to make critical business decisions during this challenging and unprecedented time.

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            Amanda Boyle

            Hi Grant Joseph - Thanks for sharing this! I saw that Luke already responded about industry-specific support, but I wanted to share that in addition to the free resource page that includes relevant data visualizations about the spread of COVID-19 and the public health response we have also put together a COVID-19 Data Resource Forum here in the community forums.


            This forum is meant to serve as a space for collaboration, sharing resources & feedback, and asking questions. Please use and share this resource and let us know if you see any edits or updates needed. We can also move your post to that forum if you like - but as your question pertains to RCG information, in particular, I'll leave it here. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for reaching out to your customers and the community, and for everything you're doing to help.


            -- Amanda