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    Important: Action Required to Continue to use the Tableau Maps Proxy Service

    Ashwin Kumar



      I am Ashwin Kumar, Product Manager on the Maps Team at Tableau. I have some important news to share regarding upcoming changes to the Tableau Maps Proxy Service. Certain action may be required to ensure that your organization is still able to load maps in Tableau.


      Who is affected?

      If you rely on the Tableau Maps Proxy and static-IP firewall rules to access Tableau maps, you will be impacted. More specifically, if you use mapsproxy.tableau.com to connect to maps or have ever followed the directions outlined in this document, https://community.tableau.com/docs/DOC-10159, you will be impacted by this change.


      If you currently use maps.tableausoftware.com to access maps this change does not impact you.


      What's Happening?

      The Tableau Maps Proxy is being moved to a new environment, so the proxy is getting new static IP addresses. If you rely on current maps proxy static IPs, you will no longer be able to render maps without following the below steps.


      When is this change happening?

      The Tableau Maps Proxy will be fully moved to the new environment on June 17, 2020.


      What do I need to do?

      Users who are impacted by this change will need to take the following action:


      1. Whitelist the following IP addresses in your firewall:


      Do not do the following step until after June 17, 2020

           2. Remove the old IP addresses from your whitelist:




      If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me directly at akumar@tableau.com or reach out to your Tableau account team.





      Product Manager, Maps