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    Makepoint and Makeline: how to format marks at point locations?

    Michael Robinson

      Hi, Tableau noob teaching himself here so please be gentle...


      I'm creating a viz to show road traffic volumes between sites.


      Traffic flows in two directions so there are volumes of traffic from a selected site A to other sites (A to B), traffic from other sites to the selected site A (B to A) and traffic in both directions.


      By researching and reading around, I've created a viz that does this using makepoint, makeline and some filter and set actions and it works fine (I'm currently using fake traffic data, waiting for the actual numbers)..


      Select a location and the viz shows traffic to, from or in both directions from other sites depending on the "direction" filter.

      Screenshot 2020-03-16 at 14.04.56.png


      When a site is selected, I want to format the marks at the selected site, and the other sites connected by lines, based upon the direction filter.


      So if the direction filter is "A to B", then the mark site selected (the black circle in the screenshot) should be a colour to indicate it is an "Origin".

      The sites connected to the selected site (which don't appear in the screenshot when the site is selected) should be a different colour mark to indicate they are a "Destination".


      If the direction filter is "B to A", then the mark colours should be reversed.  The site selected will be a "Destination" and the connected sites will be an "Origin".


      If the direction filter is "both", then all marks can be the same colour.


      I started out just trying to get the selected site to have the right colour legend by creating a calculated field and putting it on the colour mark.  That sort-of worked and the mark for the selected site had the correct colour, but the lines wouldn't clear until selecting another site.  And I haven't a clue how to format the marks for all the other sites that the lines are connected to.  Note that not every site will be connected to every other site.


      Any assistance figuring this out would be appreciated.  Sample Tableau Public workbook attached.