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    Custom Tableau odbc Data Connector with sso support

    Mahmoud Bahaa

      In Tableau desktop, is there a way to add a "custom" authentication type (to support SSO both Oauth and SAML) like the one you can define in WDC so you can authenticate in the web component first but then continue with odbc using Tableau Connector SDK ? (sort of sso first get a token then use that token as password for the connection to DB).

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          Jainam Shah

          Currently the Tableau Connector SDK only supports the authentication type of Username and Password. Documentation Link : Authentication Modes .

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            Mahmoud Bahaa

            In  https://github.com/tableau/connector-plugin-sdk/blob/45765c93b823f3c2801d1ce8d2832727c419278b/validation/tcd_latest.xsd :


            <xs:complexType name="AuthOption-CT">

              <xs:attribute name="name" type="AuthOptionEnum-ST" use="required"/>

              <xs:attribute name="default" type="xs:boolean"/>

              <xs:attribute name="value" type="xs:string"/>


              <xs:simpleType name="AuthOptionEnum-ST">

              <xs:restriction base="xs:string">

              <xs:enumeration value="Explicit"/>

              <xs:enumeration value="ExplicitUnindented"/>

              <xs:enumeration value="UseWindows"/>

              <xs:enumeration value="UseWindowsPreferred"/>

              <xs:enumeration value="Teradata"/>

              <xs:enumeration value="LDAP"/>

              <xs:enumeration value="VirtualNode"/>

              <xs:enumeration value="None"/>

              <xs:enumeration value="Kerberos"/>

              <xs:enumeration value="Integrated"/>

              <xs:enumeration value="Username"/>

              <xs:enumeration value="UsernameAndPassword"/>

              <xs:enumeration value="HDIService"/>

              <xs:enumeration value="AccessNoSecurity"/>

              <xs:enumeration value="AccessYesSecurity"/>

              <xs:enumeration value="OAuth"/>

              <xs:enumeration value="Forms"/>

              <xs:enumeration value="ThirdPartySSO"/>

              <xs:enumeration value="Invalid"/>

              <xs:enumeration value="SAMLIdP"/>




            so as you can see in validation that AuthOptions can actually be "OAuth" ,"SAMLIdP" and "ThirdPartySSO" so it "seems" there is (or will be ?) support for such options. also in the README you find this paragpraph




            Many things might change, but the most likely changes are how a connector is packaged, and the extension points for new Auth Modes like Kerberos or OAuth. We highly encourage you to sign up here in GitHub or email us to get the latest information. Partners participating in the open sprint demos will get notice of any breaking changes in real-time.


            so my point is such auth modes supported or will be supported in the future ?

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              Patrick VanderKnyff

              Hi Mahmoud,


              We have a list of currently supported authentication modes here. We do have UI widgets defined in the XSDs for a few more, but they do not function right now. Support for OAuth and I believe SAML is on our roadmap, though the timeline on when those features will be added has not been finalized.