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    Tableau Online Extract Refresh: Successful Refresh but not Update Data

    Tung Nguyen

      Hi all,

      I have a workbook with connection to BigQuery. The connection type is extract and when I publish my workbook to Tableau Online, I set my all my data sources to be embedded in my workbook (not published separately). On Tableau Online, I set my workbook's extract to be automatically refreshed everyday at 8:00 AM. Tableau finishes refreshing at around 8:10 AM (I know because there is a message on Tableau, for example today is Last refreshed Mar 11, 2020, 8:07 AM) and my data is updated to the latest, which is good. And it has been going on like that for a while until recently I noticed an error. Tableau still finishes refreshing at around 8:10 AM, but data is not updated (I know because new data is not added). So to fix this I have to hit full refresh manually. Someday after one manual refresh, data is updated, but someday I had to refresh several times before data is updated. I am using version 2020.1.0.  

      If you know the solution to this, please help!

      Thank you so much